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 Our motto:

Our offer is flexible.
We create well-fitting solutions to individual requirements, even these of most non-standard.

In buildings we use arm-chairs of renowned firms.

The solutions and materials we use have necessary certificates and certifications of approval.

If you did not find in our offer the point which interests you - come into contact with us.

We will give the all information with pleasure and we will execute initial analyses of your order.

 What can we
offer to you?
complex buildings of buses

We create permanent and aesthetical buildings of buses for different types of bodies, including all elements of the interior, in this (for the asking of the customer) among other things refrigerators, self-service cafe bars.
We adapt buses and the equipment to needs of handicapped persons.

the modernization of interiors of buses

We renew and we rebuild the interiors of motor coaches and tourist buses giving them the look and functionality according the customerùs wish.

9-seats buildings

We offer a wide range of 9-seats buildings for different types of bodies.

vans building

We build vans, adapting them to customerùs requirements and foreseen uses.

interior upholsteries

We make the upholstery from the ground up and we change already existing ones.
In league with the customer we match the fabrics and other elements to make them serve their purpose.

the montage of panoramic screen

We assemble side screens on the rubber seal, panoramic as well as complex screens (thermal).

the montage of roof arcs

We adapt bodies and we assemble practical electric and mechanical roof arcs.

air condition setting up

To increase the comfort of travelling we instal modern and economic roof and front air conditioners by Webasto firm.

the assembly of the heating

We assemble dependent and independent heatings of firms leading on the market: WEBASTO, EBERSPAECHER.

audio/video fittings

For the asking of the customer we assemble the equipment audio/video along with the providing sound system, to create the complete and functional building.

 Examples of
our products